October 3rd, 2016
Voltage Inc.

A brand-new app, combining romance and puzzle-solving!
"Liar! Uncover the Truth" Released October 3rd (Monday)

Dangerous Seduction

 Voltage Inc. (Tokyo, Shibuya ward. President: Yuzi Tsutani) has released the English translation of "Liar! Uncover the Truth" for both iOS and Android on October 3rd, 2016.

 This is the English translation of the Japanese game "Doubt -Usotsuki Otoko wa Dare?-" which has been downloaded over two-million times.
 Using Voltage Inc.’s signature romance titles as a base, this new type of game has you exposing the lies of ten gorgeous men. Keeping the original thrill of exposing these liars, we are bringing this title to the English-speaking world. We unveiled this title’s prologue ahead of its official release in both the  United States and Singapore. Those who experienced this title were thrilled with what they played.
 Voltage Inc. will continue to bring excitement and heart-pounding moments to women all over the world through our thrilling Romance Apps.


"Has he been cheating on me?!"

A breakup with your cheating boyfriend leads you...
...straight into the arms of ten gorgeous men!

But beware! Nine of these ten guys are no-good liars!
Go on dates, see through their lies, and take them out!

Do you have what it takes to find Mr. Right?


Liar! Uncover the Truth official Facebook page now open!


Who can you trust? Who should you doubt?
Who is Mr. Right?

After dumping your loser ex, you’ve decided to attend a singles’ mixer where ten devastatingly beautiful men approach you. Things are looking up for you! However, a fortuneteller warns you that nine of those ten men are no-good liars!

Do you have what it takes to expose these liars and find the man of your dreams?!


<New Features>
Exhilarating gameplay!
Crush that liar in the "Accusation Portion."

Collect evidence from his room and social media account so you can take that liar to task!

Watch him panic as you challenge him with questions and show him the evidence!

Your choices affect the ending!

Special Features

Ten unique "liars"!
The bubbly young artist; the cool, poker-faced doctor... Each of these ten gorgeous men have something unique about them!
They all seem like they could be "the one," but nine of them have lied to you...!
Is what they feel for you real? Or is it all a part of their lie...?!

What is a “Romance App”?

 A Romance App is a new kind of story-based game that can be enjoyed at a player’s convenience on a tablet or smartphone device. We have released over 80 titles to date and, as of January 31st 2016, have been played by over 50-million* people across the globe.

*These numbers reflect the total number of downloads in all services that support Voltage Inc. (Docomo, au, Softbank) as well as social media platforms (GREE, Mobage, mixi games, d game, Ameba, Facebook, LINE GAME, and our own platforms). This also includes our social games and games featured on the App Store and Google Play.

Release Overview

Title Liar! Uncover the Truth
Payment structure Payment structure: Free to play / in-app purchases
Release date October 3rd 2016 (Monday)
Compatible devices iOS 7.2 and above / Android 4.0 and above
*Game may not be playable on certain devices.
Download instructions Follow the steps below to access the game from your device
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[Google Play]⇒[Search]⇒[Liar! Uncover the Truth]
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