June 9th, 2016
Voltage Inc.

Voltage's Visual Romance Apps series is ranked #1
in 57 countries,
and now it brings you its 33rd new app!
Era of Samurai: Code of Love ("Shinsengumi ga Aishita Onna")
Available June 9th

Era of Samurai: Code of Love

Voltage Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Yuji Tsutani) released its newest English-language romance app, Era of Samurai: Code of Love, for iOS and Android on June 9th, 2016.

This release is an English-language localization version of our Japanese application "Shinsengumi ga Aishita Onna," which is one of our latest titles, and has been a great success in Japan since its release in December, 2015.
This is a love story between you, the heroine, and the Shinsengumi warriors that takes place in the Edo era.
Keeping the fascinating story and beautiful illustrations intact, the entire game has been translated for our English speaking audience to enjoy.

Voltage Inc. will continue to evolve in order to bring its Romance Apps, and Japan-made entertainment, to audiences all over the world.

The Edo era draws to a close…
The Shinsengumi have saved you from lawless ronin.

These warriors are feared by the common people, and called an untrustworthy band of killers.

But you are living with the Shinsengumi under one roof… And the more you come to understand them, the more your heart will belong to them…



Experience a love so passionate,
it will alter an era…

In the twilight years of the Edo period...
Set upon by vagrant samurai, you are saved by the infamous Shinsengumi warriors.

Feared by the masses for their ruthless ways, you find your heart opening
to the kindness these warriors show you...

These brave men put their lives on the line to see their missions through,
and you have fallen for them.

Walk the dangerous path of the Shinsengumi and discover where this era of love will take you…


Five swordsmen are here to
steal your heart...

"Demon Deputy of the Shinsengumi" Toshizo Hijikata,
"The Fearless Master Swordsman" Soji Okita,
"The Daring and Courageous Lancer" Sanosuke Harada,
"The Silent, Left-handed Swordsman" Hajime Saito, "Heroic Leader of The Shinsengumi" Isami Kondo…

"You would shed tears for me…? What an unusual woman you are."

Which Shinsengumi warrior will capture your heart...?


<Special Features>
Receive a special movie
upon completing the story❤

If you complete both "The End Written by Fate" and "The End Written by Love," you will receive an exclusive animated scene featuring original, Japanese-language voice acting.

* Toshizo Hijikata: Played by Tomokazu Sugita    Soji Okita: Played by Shinnnosuke Tachibana

What's a Drama App?

Drama Apps are story-based apps for mobile devices. From romance to suspense, users can be the protagonist of their own stories in a new form of entertainment which is neither a game nor a comic.

* Voltage releases Romance Apps for smart phones. The apps allow users to choose the guy they like best and play through a love story with him. Over 80 titles are currently available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

* Voltage's Romance Apps have been played by more than 50 million worldwide (as of 1/31/2016). This number reflects the total number of people who enjoy Voltage games downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, on Japanese cell phone carrier plans, and on a variety of social gaming platforms.

* Voltage Inc. debuted their English language romance apps to an international audience in 2011, and has set up an overseas subsidiary in the U.S.

* Voltage Inc. became one of the top three monthly revenue earning publishers on Google Play (excluding games) in May of 2014.

Release Overview

Title Era of Samurai: Code of Love
Pricing Download Free/In-game purchases of extra content
Release date June 9th, 2016 (Thu)
Compatible devices Requires iOS 7.0 or later/Android (OS 4.0 and up)
*Some devices may not support this app.
Download instructions Follow the steps below to access the game from your device
[App Store]⇒[Search]⇒[Era of Samurai: Code of Love]
[Google Play]⇒[Search]⇒[Era of Samurai: Code of Love]
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