May 29, 2013
Voltage, Inc.

The 9th App in Voltage’s“Romance Sims series”
Office Secrets(Japanese title: Shanai Ren'ai Futari no Himitsu)
Available on iOS & Android from May 20

Tokyo, Japan - On May 20, 2013, Voltage, Inc. released Office Secrets, the newest addition to the English-language Romance Sims series, for iPhone and Android™ devices.

This smartphone app is the English-language version of Shanai Ren'ai Futari no Himitsu, a romance simulation game popular in Japan, in which users can experience a thrilling love story between a female protagonist who works in an apparel company and her good-looking, top-performing male colleagues. The stories and characters appear just as they did in the original Japanese release, allowing the app to be enjoyed in its entirety in English.

Since 2011, the worldwide launch of English-language Romance Sims games has been taking the entertainment world by storm. One of Voltage Inc.’s popular Romance Sims games, Be My Princess, an app with a romantic story involving 6 charming crown princes, which was launched in December 2012, clinched the number one spot for top app sales in the USA App Store’s Entertainment Category (as of February 16 and 18, 2013) , as well as 16 other Asian countries (as of 23 May, 2013).

Office Secrets is the 9th title released under the Romance Sims series. The English-language version of Voltage Romance Sims’ Facebook page has also been largely successful, garnering over 510,000 ‘Likes.’ It is now a highly active social platform for global fans to come together. Voltage Inc., will continue to provide mobile contents to entertain female audiences from all parts of the world.

App Overview

This app is the English-language version of the extremely popular romance simulation game, Shanai Ren'ai Futari no Himitsu. Taking advantage of the recent advances of mobile platforms, this app offers a heightened gaming experience with color-rich and high-quality graphics. The gameplay is the same as that of the Japanese release: users can play a free prologue in which all the characters appear; they can then download the characters whose stories they wish to continue reading.

You work at a well-known apparel company. One day, you're suddenly transferred to a new department, where your colleagues are all top employees! You begin your new job and soon find yourself on increasingly intimate terms…
An aggressive senior, a cool boss, a mischievous junior... Is it okay to fall in love with a colleague?
The Romance Sims series
Since 2006, Voltage, Inc. has been providing highly popular mobile contents targeted at female audiences in the form of romance simulation games. The company’s TV commercials are also familiar with the general Japanese public. In the games, users can experience the excitement of the stories’ fantastic settings, be surrounded by an array of good-looking male characters to choose from, and enjoy ideal, heart-throbbing love scenarios . Over 50 titles of romance simulation games are offered by Voltage, Inc. for download through the official services of NTT Docomo and other mobile phone carriers; providers of apps with enriched social features such as GREE; and through the App Store and Google Play. More than 6 million users have experienced Voltage, Inc. games within Japan, and English-language versions of the Romance Sims catalogue are now being introduced to the global gaming scene. These apps can be enjoyed casually even by a user who has never played a video game. Whether in the middle of a commute or relaxing before bed, these apps provide entertainment especially for women.

Release summary

Title Office Secrets
Pricing App is free; in-app purchases are available.
Supported devices iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
Android™(OS 2.2 and above).
Download instructions Use the following steps to download the app from a mobile device.
iOS:Go to the App Store and search for Office Secrets.
Android™:Go to Google Play and search for Office Secrets.
Release date iOS-May 20, 2013;
Android™-May 23, 2013



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