December 4, 2012
Voltage, Inc.

The 5th in Voltage’s English-language
Romance Sims series
Be My Princess
(Japanese title: Ouji-sama no puropozu)
Available on smartphones from 12/4

Tokyo, Japan - On December 4, 2012, Voltage, Inc. is releasing Be My Princess, the fifth title in the English-language Romance Sims series, for iPhone and Android™ devices.

This smartphone app is the English-language version of Ouji-sama no puropozu, a romance simulation game that has proven extremely popular in Japan, in which users can experience a fated love with a prince. The stories and characters appear just as they did in the original Japanese release, allowing the app to be enjoyed in its entirety in English.

This is the fifth title in Voltage’s English-language Romance Sims series, which was launched in July 2011, and current releases in the series are gaining recognition outside of Japan. My Forged Wedding ? a game well-known in Japan under the title Chikai no kisu wa totsuzen ni with its own anime-style television commercial ? ranked 5th in sales in the Entertainment Category of the American App Store and 1st in sales in the App Store in Singapore (as of October 2012).

App overview

This app is the English-language version of the extremely popular romance simulation game, Ouji-sama no purpopozu. The gameplay is the same as that of the Japanese release: users can play a free prologue in which all the characters appear; they can then download the characters whose stories they wish to continue reading.

You, a university student studying abroad, have a chance encounter with the heirs to the thrones of six nations. A love between a future king, who carries the fate of his country, and you, a girl with a decidedly ordinary upbringing, faces many obstacles.

So begins a romance that is dreamt of by girls all around the world in the ultimate story of a love between royalty and an outsider.

Ouji-sama no puropozu
Following its initial release as an official monthly service of mobile phone carriers in May 2010, Ouji-sama no propose was released on the GREE platform in August 2011 to great acclaim, receiving a number of awards, including the top prize in the Romance Category of the GREE Platform Awards 2011 and GREE Platform Awards ? The First Half of 2012, and establishing itself as the gold standard of the romance game genre. The smartphone app was released for download from the App Store and Google Play in March 2012, becoming extremely popular.

In addition, the story has been available outside of Japan as of this year, with the June 2012 release of the social gaming app Be My Princess for GREE. In August, a smartphone app that targets a North American audience was released as A Prince’s Proposal(*1), which includes significant changes to the illustrations and scenarios, and is the first release of the My Romance series(*2). All together, this hugely popular title has achieved over one million downloads.

*1: The title A Prince’s Proposal was changed from Be My Princess as of October 20, 2012.
*2: Voltage offers two series of English-language apps: the Romance Sims series, featuring English translations of the Japanese titles, and the My Romance series, which feature illustrations and scenarios a North American audience.

The Romance Sims series
Voltage, Inc.’s romance simulation games have found instant popularity with female mobile content users nationwide since the airing of the betsukare (second love) television commercial. Over 50 titles of romance simulation games are offered by Voltage, Inc. for download through the official services of NTT Docomo and other mobile phone carriers; providers of apps with enriched social features such as GREE; and through the App Store and Google Play. More than 6 million users have experienced Voltage, Inc. games within Japan, and English-language versions of the Romance Sims catalogue are now being introduced to the global gaming scene.

These apps can be enjoyed casually even by a user who has never played a video game. Whether in the middle of a commute or relaxing before bed, these apps provide entertainment especially for women.

Release summary

Title Be My Princess
Pricing App is free; in-app purchases are available.
Supported devices iPhone 4S, iPhone 4; Android™ (OS 2.2 and later)
Download instructions instructions: Use the following steps to download the app from a mobile device.
iPhone:Go to the App Store and search for Be My Princess.
Android™:Go to Google Play and search for Be My Princess.
Release date Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
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