Business Description

 Voltage Inc. has been operating consistently since its inception based on the corporate vision of "Art" & "Business" to provide inspiring content that can touch the hearts of users.
 At Voltage Inc., we define "Art" as utilizing our competence in planning and creating highly original content and "Business" as developing a structure to continuously launch hit products in our aim to have many people enjoy the content.
 Our business consists of the core Mobile Content Business, involving planning, production, development and operation of fee-charged mobile content, the Mobile Commerce Business and Other Business.

 The characteristics of our businesses are as follows.

(1) Focused on theme of content of "Drama on Love and Challenge"

コンテンツテーマの絞り込み At Voltage Inc., we have focused on the theme of content to "Drama on Love and Challenge" and provide a wide range of story-based original content in categories including games, electronic books, videos, melodic ring tones and standby screen wallpapers.
 We define "Love" not only as a relationship between a male and a female but as any relationship between friends, a parent and a child, colleagues and others in which persons understand and support each other. "Challenge" includes efforts made to prove oneself, a friendly rivalry with a competitor and a challenge in something new. Voltage Inc. recognizes that these two concepts are the summary of happiness pursued by people in the modern age. By providing content with stories with leading characters striving to achieve a good balance between love and challenge, we work to support people in every drama on love and challenge that they encounter in their daily lives.

(2) Narrowed-down customer targets

 Voltage Inc. has narrowed down the target customer group to female users between the ages of 13 and 34 who often use mobile content. We divide this customer group into detailed segments by age and interest, and provide content that meets the needs in each segment in terms of interests or worries that users may have.

(3) Capturing users and continuity

 We capture users by periodically launching new sites, actively advertising in websites operated by other companies and in magazines for females, and taking other initiatives. For registered users, we distribute e-magazines and links to propose sites that suit the interests of users. By encouraging users to access other sites of the Company, we promote their continued use of Voltage sites.

(4) Business synergy centered on the mobile content site

 In the mobile commerce business, we promote synergistic effects in our overall business through producing original goods related to the content in our mobile content business, selling the goods in the mobile commerce site, packaging images and sound components distributed as content into DVDs and CDs in our other business category, and taking other initiatives.
The following illustrates the trends of the user population in our websites. The number of fee-paying members and that of free members represent the total derived by combining the number of members for each site. If a user is registered in more than one site, that user is counted as many times as he or she is registered.


Mobile Content Business

  In our mobile content business, we are engaged in planning, design, development and operation of mobile content for users of mobile phones that can connect to the Internet (hereafter, "mobile phones") and distribution of content in the carrier’s official sites (hereafter, "official sites"), social apps (see note 1) and smartphones (see note 2).
 The official sites operated by Voltage Inc. basically charge monthly fees of a set amount, and in some sites a user may be charged additional fees in accordance with the volume of usage of the content offered. Social apps charge fees based on usage.
 As of September 30, 2010, Voltage Inc. operates 67 official sites and there are 3 social apps and 1 site compatible with smart phones. The major sites are as follows.

1.Social apps
Web-based applications using SNS (abbreviation for "social network service", an Internet membership service that forms a social network to promote communication) and other platforms that make functional use of connections between users.
Mobile phones with built-in computers offering various data processing functions in addition to the verbal communication tool, which can be functionally enhanced and customized by adding applications.

(1) Official sites

 Voltage Inc. provides official sites for the "Koibito Game" series, the Stories, etc. series, and Music (melodic ring tones, ring tunes and etc.).

Koibito Game series

 Our "Koibito Game" series offer romantic simulation games for females. Users can enjoy a romantic drama by choosing male characters introduced in a predefined setting and selecting the lines, action, and other elements in each subsequent situation.
 To encourage users of Koibito Games to continue enjoying the site, we periodically add new sites, introduce new stories and characters on existing sites and make other updates.
 As of September 30, 2010, Voltage Inc. offers the "Koibito Game" series on 39 sites for approximately 900,000 monthly fee-paying members, primarily females aged 13 to 34. The following are the details of major sites offering the "Koibito Game" series as of the same date.

Name of Site Description
Kichijoji☆Koiiro Days A romantic simulation game with the story set in a shopping center in Kichijoji.
Ojisama no Propose★ A romantic simulation game with the story set in a Royal family.
Shanai Ren-ai★Futari no Himitsu A romantic simulation game based on a story in an apparel company.
Koibito wa Senzoku SP A romantic simulation game based on an incident in which the heroine is protected by SP
Ren-ai Joto! Ikemen Gakuen A romantic simulation game set in an all-boys’ school full of bad-behaving students.
Tenka Toitsu Koi no Ran A romantic simulation game based on a story in the era of civil war in Japan.
Koi ni Ochita★Kaizokuo A romantic simulation game set in a pirate ship.
Shugaku Ryoko★Naisho no Koi A romantic simulation game based on a story of a school excursion trip.
Tokimeki Saikyo★Ore sama Gakuen A romantic simulation game set in an elite high school.
Room Share Sugao no Kare A romantic simulation game based on a story of living together with a student of an art school.
Koibito wa Dokyo Nin A romantic simulation game set in a condominium.
Mafia na Daring A romantic simulation game based on a story of a mafia family.
Koibito wa Captain A romantic simulation game based on a story about a high school athletic club.
Darling wa Geinojin A romantic simulation game based on a story in the entertainment industry.
Mune Kyun Koi Game Cafe A portal site primarily for providing information on our "Koibito Gama" series. Users can access the site to obtain the latest information on games or play mini games or enjoy fortune-telling free of charge and find images for their standby screen.

Koibito wa Senzoku SP

Stories, etc. and Music (melodic ring tones, ring tunes, etc.)

 In the Stories, etc. category, we primarily distribute electronic books, standby screen wallpapers and decorative e-mail components. In the Music (melodic ring tones, ring tunes, etc.) category, we operate music sites that offer melodic ring tones, ring tunes, lyrics and other information primarily related to J-pop.
 As of September 30, 2010, Voltage Inc. provides 24 sites in the Stories, etc. category and 4 Music (melodic ring tones, ring tunes, etc.) sites. The major site in these categories as of the same date is "100 Scene no Koi" which offers love story (novels, comics and videos) and wallpaper images for standby screens.

(2) Social Applications

 As part of our efforts to diversify our sources of revenue, we began distributing social apps on June 29, 2010.
 As of September 30, 2010, Voltage Inc. provides 3 social apps, the details of which are as follows.

Name of Site Description
Ren-ai Joto! Ikemen Gakuen
for GREE
A romantic simulation game based on a story in which the heroine spends a year in school as the only girl, becomes popular through communicating with other characters and is asked out on a date by bad-behaving boys.
Koi ni Ochita★Kaizokuo
for GREE
A romantic simulation game in which the heroine goes on a dating trip with 6 pirates, saves up points through communication and mini-games to find the treasure island.
Koibito wa Captain
for GREE
A romantic simulation game in which the heroine manages a high school athletic club and enjoys her days with the boy athletes. Users playing the game can enjoy dressing the small boy friend by playing the cheering game.
(3) Smartphones

 Voltage Inc. began distributing content for smartphones on September 1, 2010.
 As of September 30, 2010, we offer 1 site with content for smartphones: "Ren-ai Joto! Ikemen Gakuen".
 On October 13, 2010, we began distributing 100 Scene no Koi, an electronic book application for the iPhone and iPod touch from Apple.
 Details of the site are as follows.

Name of Site Description
Ren-ai Joto! Ikemen Gakuen A wide-screen, high-resolution romantic simulation game based on a story about a heroine who is the only girl in a high school surrounded by bad-behaving boys.
100 Scene no Koi (a total of three applications) The iPhone and iPod touch version of 100 Scene no Koi, a site specializing in romantic stories. Distributing popular short and long stories collected from sweet, heartrending, romantic stories from comics.

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