Management Vision

Corporate Vision

Voltage Inc. pursues its business activities based on the corporate vision of "Art" & "Business".

会社ビジョン-イメージ アート&ビジネスでヒットの波を創る
"Art" reflects our will to utilize our competence in designing and generating the inspiring content. How can we produce interesting and impressive content? We want to continue exerting efforts in pursuing this objective as a company.

However, there is little point in providing content of a selfish nature or that has no significance for the user. By strongly committing ourselves to having as many people as possible enjoy our content, we sincerely consider the needs of users and consequently grow as a creator.

This management approach enables us to generate a favorable circulation of investment and collection, and achieve corporate growth. This is what business entails. To successfully operate our business, we value the two concepts of "autonomous growth" and "essence deliberation".
Happiness for modern people can be summarized ultimately into "Love" and "Challenge". This is the conclusion reached by Founder Tsutani while he was struggling to write scripts for movies in Los Angeles, and it has become the fundamental theme of the content produced by Voltage Inc.
"Love" represents a relationship not only between a man and a woman but also between friends, a parent and a child, colleagues and others in which persons mutually understand and support each other. "Challenge" does not signify a meaningless conflict but includes efforts made to prove oneself, a friendly rivalry with a competitor, and a challenge against a former structure to create new values, and is something that promotes the growth of individuals along with a comfortable sense of tension and development of society.
We believe that people live their daily lives to realize these two elements of happiness.
For example, in a movie, the leading character is willing to even sacrifice his life in meeting the toughest challenges to rescue the heroine despite being attacked by his opponents. By seeing the hero making desperate efforts, users can be encouraged and feel a sense of catharsis.
Voltage Inc. will continue to provide inspiring content via mobile phones at the forefront of social media tools, under the theme of Drama on "Love" and "Challenge" to make people happy.

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